How we Keep our Prices Low


Cabinet Pro LLC does not utilize a sales force, which typically accounts for 40% of the cost of software.  This keeps our sales costs down.

Technical Support is handled via Instructional Video Tutorials, email, telephone, and online remote access to your computer to solve problems quickly and efficiently.  This keeps our technical support costs down.

Cabinet Pro and Door Pro are fully developed over a 25 year period, so development costs are only concerned with enhancements.  This keeps our development costs down.

Our Advertising costs are kept to a minimum.  You probably found our website by an Internet search rather than a magazine Ad.  Internet Search Engines are the least expensive Advertising method available, and are used extensively by Cabinet Pro LLC.  This keeps our marketing costs down.

Our booths at Trade Shows are of a reasonable size.  Large Overhead is poison to a business.  We make every effort to keep our overhead costs low.

Our vision, since 1986, has been, and continues to be, to provide a very high quality software package for a very affordable price to as many people as possible!  And the net result of keeping all of the above costs down allows us to fulfill this vision on a daily basis!















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