New Purchases:
To order Cabinet Pro or Door Pro by check, please complete Steps 1 to 2 below .

Step 1:

If this is a new purchase, print and fill out the Purchasing Agreement., determine the total price of the software you are purchasing.  Next, proceed to Step 2 below to purchase software.

Step 2:


(No Electronic Checks)  Send the signed Purchasing Agreement and a check in the amount of your update fee, training fee, program add-ons, or initial software purchase via Federal Express, UPS, or the Post Office to:

Cabinet Pro LLC
271 Rosewood Lane
Central Point, OR 97502

Your passwords will be emailed to you upon receipt of your signed Purchasing Agreement and check.

Update Fees or Other Purchases:
For all payments, purchases, or fees simply send a check for that amount to the address shown above.









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