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Posted:  January 8, 2020 at 6:30 AM PST
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Version 2019.12.10 and Version 2020.1.1

              NOTE: Version 2020.1.1 requires the 2020 Password while Version 2019.12.10 requires the 2019 Password.

1.      Our new Facebook Group, “Cabinet Pro Users”, is now active.  Place the following link in your Internet Browser to request membership in this group:


2.      Adding a bottom horizontal divider to tall cabinets split into 3 or more sections resulted in some minor cutlist errors. This has been corrected.

3.      Custom drawer depths set at the Cabinet Editor may now be rounded down to the drawer box depth defined at the “Fixed Lengths of Drawer Boxes” category of the Door and Drawer Construction Methods setup screen.  To activate this new feature, place a check in the box shown under the Fixed Lengths table.

4.      A new variable, the single quote (“), has been added to the User-defined post processor setup.  This variable, when placed at the beginning of a command line, will omit line numbering for that line, if line numbering is active.

5.      The simulator did not recognize the G2 command as a “cutting” command, which is usually reserved for the G1 command.  The Excitech CNC router is unique in using G2 instead of G1.  A change has therefore been made that recognizes G2 and G02 as a cutting command when not being used to cut an arc.

6.      The long awaited Construction Parameter check per CNC Smart Rule is now fully functional. Based upon the setting of this feature a given rule may be omitted.  For example, if a 2nd stretcher is sometimes used and is sometimes not used, then this feature will allow or not allow machining based upon the value of a user-designated parameter.  (See the CNC Smart Rules screen for details.)

7.      Weeke, Homag, and Biesse users may now alter the tool compensation for the Profile Cut that was previously limited to automatic assignment.  (See the Profile Cut CNC machining definition)



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